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Episode 9: The Yeast of The Pharisees

Posted on Dec 8, 2013


This week on the show:

• Let’s Talk About Beer (10:54)

• Listener Feedback (12:03)

• Existential Rock, Paper, Scissor (17:54)

• A Biblical Response To Alcohol (21:44)

•  Tas Talks Compromise (44:34)

• What Am I Thinking? (1:04:50)

• Our Favorite Christmas Movies (1:08:43)

• The Pizza Underground (1:18:13)

• Errrbody In The Pub (1:21:30)

• Beer Verdicts and Recommendations (1:41:04)

Send Us Feedback!!! We will put it on the cast, the pope and Joel Osteen will hear it and you will be granted health, wealth, and prosperity.

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Thanks for listening! Cheers and Amen!

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